Best Exercise to Burn Fat - How to Get a Stomach That You Have Wished For

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Best Exercise to Burn Fat - How to Get a Stomach That You Have Wished For

Сообщение princywilliam » 15 май 2019, 07:21

It can not be over-stated, how important your mental approach is The 2 Week Diet Review if you plan on winning this battle of the bulge. Following the tips I am going to share with you is the fastest way to lose 20 pounds or more. It's also the safest. I hope you have an IPOD because amazingly it really helped me lose some serious weight. First you need to make the decision that you are committed to finding the fastest way to lose 20 pounds. In my experience I have learned that the body will follow the mind. The body will do what the mind wills it to do. We all remember the old adage mind over matter. I want you to purchase a notebook and write down the date you made this decision to change the way you look and feel. In my notebook I wrote down that I had decided to lose 100lbs., to feel better, to be more positive, and lastly to look better and change my life forever. Writing these decisions down on paper puts it right in front of you and holds you accountable to yourself.

The second step to changing your mental approach is eliminating the negative words that can suck the very life out of you. I want you to spend a day or two writing down the negative words you find yourself using. In addition, write down the negative words you hear those around you using. You may be very surprised, I know I was, to see in writing all the negative words that filled my vocabulary. The "glass is half empty" thinking was pulling me down. Nothing and I mean nothing will ever change in your life if you do not root out these negative words and thoughts. You may decide to go as far as I did. I chose to no longer surround myself with those who possessed the "glass is half empty" attitude. You need to break the negative cycle.

You need to recognize how you have been feeling. I came to realize that food and over eating were not making me happy but making me miserable. Feeling good about how you look and how you perceive yourself far outweighs the temporary gratification that food brings. In my life, food was a crutch and filling a void. For me that void was loneliness and lack of acceptance by my peers. What I managed to do was to break the strangle hold food had over me. To this day, I never deprive myself of any food. I have learned moderation. I have repeated to myself a million times, "you can have that piece of cake, slice of pizza or piece of candy, but I promise you one thing, It will never make you happy." This mantra has saved me countless unnecessary calories.

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