The Difficulties Encountered When Finding Good Self Defense Videos

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The Difficulties Encountered When Finding Good Self Defense Videos

Сообщение ssreginaregina » 15 май 2019, 09:01

Most survivalists try to embrace as much emergency Combat Shooter System supplies within their bag as possible and the bags can become extremely fat with extras here and there. Usually it's problematical to lighten your kits when it comes to your supplies such as the food or various pieces of equipment that you may need to endure the days ahead, however there is much that can be done in the way of clothing to conserve badly needed space.

There are two approaches that you could consider in this respect. One is the use of the giant clothing bags that you remove all the air from with a vacuum cleaner. It sucks the air out and drastically reduces the space need for storage. The problem here is once you open the bag to remove a pair of socks or for clean underwear you are likely to find it extremely difficult putting the remaining clothing back into your bug out bag.

A much better method for packing your clothing would be to use the wife's kitchen vacuum sealer and individually package each item of clothing. Now your pairs of socks, your extra underwear, pants or shirts will require much less space in your bug out bag. If you need to change your socks you merely have to open one vacuum bagged pair leaving the remainder of your clothes unopened.

Another great space saving tip would be concerning MRE's. If you use these military meals in your BOV, you could remove the MRE from the box they come in and save a considerable amount of valuable space in your BOB. You will be pleasantly surprised at the amount of space that you will save with this little tip. If you know that you need two meals for adults and one for a child then create individual packages of three meals. Put the meals together and seal these items as one with your vacuum sealer.

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