Eat Fat to Lose Fat

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Eat Fat to Lose Fat

Сообщение princywilliam » 15 май 2019, 13:31

If you are really obese this simple change in diet will have a LumaSlim profound effect in a rather short period of time. It is not a quick fix though. It is simply a new way to structure your eating so that in time your weight will drop in a healthy manner. Think about Jared from the Subway commercial. All he did was replace his junk food diet with healthy nutritious foods from Subway and he dropped over 240 pounds. He did begin to walk more once he lost some weight.

He did not approach this as a quick fix, instead he decided that this is how he would eat from now on. As a result, he is a walking billboard for what can happen when an unhealthy diet is replaced by a healthy one. If you want to achieve this same level of success it can be done by simply changing your diet. Adding in some moderate exercise wouldn't hurt either. A few years ago I decided that I want to lose some weight. It's not that I was very much overweight but I had gone to the doctor and found out that I could lose about 10-15 pounds and that would help with my blood pressure situation. Now I had never tried to lose weight in my life so this was a new adventure for me.

So what I did was change my diet completely. I didn't do any other thing such as additional exercise; it was simply a matter of changing my diet. I began to cook for myself instead of eating out as much as I used to. And I also began to shop at Trader Joe's, which is a health food store that is prominent in the city where I live. I never really did anything in terms of eating less; it was simply a matter of eating foods that had fewer calories and fat. I began to eat more fruits and vegetables, in addition to eating less meat and adding more fish to my diet.

I would say for the first week or two I felt a little different because I wasn't eating the high calorie foods that I was used to previously. But as the weeks progressed I started to shed weight at about 1 pound per week. Again, I didn't change anything in terms of exercise it was simply a matter of changing my diet. I began to realize that it was very simple to lose weight. Not only did I lose weight, but also my blood pressure came back into the normal range and my clothes began to fit looser on me.

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