space and pronounced needs at various spots

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space and pronounced needs at various spots

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Before the 49ers applied the franchise tag to kicker Robbie Gould Color Rush Cullen Gillaspia Jersey , the working title of this item was “One week later, no tags applied.” Since then, the title changed — and the point did as well.I was going to write that the two-week window for applying the franchise tag is a waste of time, and that there should be one and only one specific day on which tags can be applied. But then the 49ers applied their tag a full week before the day that I was going to suggest be the one day for doing so, and I realized the value of it.With a true sense of uncertainty as to whether the 49ers would tag a kicker (Ross Tucker once invited a social-media body slam from Pat McAfee by suggesting that no punter deserves the implication that goes along with the label “franchise tag”), with Gould openly discussing whether he’d be interested in returning to Chicago, and with the NFL’s annual tampering convention starting tomorrow in Indianapolis (more on that subject later), it was smart for the 49ers to hang a giant “off limits” placard on Gould Cheap Cullen Gillaspia Jersey , making it clear that teams are wasting their time in discussing general or specific interest in signing the kicker while meeting with agents over the next week.For most of the other potential franchise tag recipients (primarily, Cowboys defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence, Seahawks defensive end Frank Clark, Chiefs linebacker Dee Ford, and Texans linebacker Jadeveon Clowney), a similar move isn’t needed because it’s widely expected. Still, if the tag is coming anyway — and since the deadline for doing a long-term deal doesn’t arrive until July 15 — there’s no harm in making it completely clear that any team is wasting its time by talking to the agent for a free agent who won’t be free to leave.That still doesn’t mean two weeks are needed. There should still be only one day, and the one day (as the 49ers have shown) should be the day before the Combine begins. Follow the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft Cullen Gillaspia Jersey Womens , along with the overreactions of Texans fans, as it happens live on Battle Red Blog."It’s been a tough offseason for Texans fans.Despite having ample cap space and pronounced needs at various spots on the roster, the Texans didn’t make nearly the splash in free agency many of us hoped to see. No point in sulking about what you believe Brian Gaine should have done in free agency, though.The NFL Draft is here.A new day dawns.As of the penning of this post, your Houston Texans are scheduled to make the 23rd overall selection in the 2019 NFL Draft.Of course, they could move up, back, or out of the first round entirely.If the Texans do make a selection tonight Cullen Gillaspia Houston Texans Jersey , who will it be?Will it be an offensive lineman?A cornerback?Perhaps a player at some other position, which is sure to make the heads of several thousand Texans fans explode?As the 2019 NFL Draft unfurls, BRB will be here for you to react and speculate as the evening progresses.We’ll have new posts anytime your Houston Texans do something, and we’ll get fresh threads published for you to discuss the draft in general each time the current one hits 500 comments or so.GENTLE REMINDER:Please do not post any tweets or posts that tip picks before they’re announced on the live television broadcast.Doing so will be a bannable offense.Welcome to the 2019 NFL Draft, Texans fans.The floor is open.

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