Big Blue View is on the clock for the sixth overall pick

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Big Blue View is on the clock for the sixth overall pick

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"The 2019 Big Blue View Draft-A-Thon is now open! As we explained over the weekend Calvin Munson Jerseys 2019 , rather than holding a standard community mock draft with one person playing GM for each team and just doing the first round, this year we have opened up the draft to the entire Big Blue View community. For the next two days you will be controlling the New York Giants draft.I will keep a mock draft running using The Draft Network’s draft machine with their predictive board. Each post will keep track of the picks made so far while also including the Top - 10 remaining players on the draft board and a poll for BBV to cast their votes. Once the poll is closed I will announce the pick as well as the next post. The two picks for the first round will each get 90 minutes.The Picks So FarArizona Cardinals - Kyler Murray (QB, Oklahoma) San Francisco 49ers - Nick Bosa (EDGE, Ohio State) New York Jets - Quinnen Williams (iDL, Alabama) Oakland Raiders - Josh Allen (EDGE, Kentucky) Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Devin White (LB, LSU)Best Players Available5. Jawaan Taylor (OT White Ray-Ray Armstrong Jerseys , Florida)7. Rashan Gary (EDGE, Michigan)8. Ed Oliver (iDL, Houston)9. D.K. Metcalf (WR, Ole Miss)10. Dwayne Haskins (QB, Ohio State)11. Montez Sweat (EDGE, Mississippi State)12. Drew Lock (QB, Missouri) 13. T.J. Hockenson (TE Ray-Ray Armstrong Jerseys 2019 , Iowa)14. Brian Burns (EDGE, FSU)15. Noah Fant (TE, IowaThe New York Giants Are On The Clock The Giants have provided plenty of legitimate reasons for criticism of their current roster strategy, assuming they even have one. However, a recent report regarding rookie quarterback Daniel Jones feels like someone is piling on the team and the player.As crafted, the report that someone wanted Jones to work out as a tight end obviously originated with a team and not with Jones’ camp, since the explanation was that the team didn’t believe Jones was good enough to play quarterback. It feels so over the top and almost cartoonish that it’s very tempting to conclude that another franchise (maybe the other one that plays in New Jersey) wants to make the Giants look even worse for making him not just a first-round pick but the sixth overall pick.The lying that characterizes the pre-draft process surely lasts after the draft ends White B.J. Goodson Jerseys , with teams trying to create all sorts of false impressions regarding the guys they drafted (““) and the guys they didn’t (““). Would any team that was interested in Daniel Jones as a quarterback admit it now? And, more importantly for these purposes, why wouldn’t a team that wants to make things even more awkward for the Giants and Jones try to make the Giants and Jones look worse instead of better?That’s not a knock on the report, per se. The report wasn’t fabricated. But the information shared with the reporter may have been. If not fabricated, then possibly exaggerated or embellished.Regardless, for the same reason that pre-draft reports regarding interest or lack thereof are inherently unreliable, post-draft reports regarding interest or lack thereof also are inherently unreliable. Or B.J. Goodson Jerseys 2019 , at a minimum, they need to be viewed through the basic prism that: (1) the incentive to prevaricate is high; and (2) the cost for doing so is low.

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