Advantages Of Academic Writing Websites For Students

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Advantages Of Academic Writing Websites For Students

Сообщение AnthonyAnson » 30 авг 2019, 16:04

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Re: Advantages Of Academic Writing Websites For Students

Сообщение perry3035 » 16 сен 2019, 13:47

Writing academic prose is as much about theory as it is practice. What follow are a few points that address both:

In English, as in other languages, academic writing is notorious for dressing vapid ideas in flashy prose, as if style were a substitute for substance. Writing for an academic audience need not sacrifice clarity so long as you can account for the complexity of the idea you’re trying to convey. This point comes clear in Francis-Noël Thomas and Mark Turner’s Clear and Simple as the Truth: Writing Classic Prose, where style—one’s stance on whether truth exists, whether it can be expressed in language, and who's reading—is paramount. Steven Pinker echoes this point in The Sense of Style, according to whom good writing (academic or otherwise) reflects clarity of thought. The better you understand the point you want to convey, the better you’ll express it in writing.

Write to present something, as though you’re giving a tour of a neighborhood where you've lived for decades. Some of the best abstract writing speaks in concrete language, and for good reason: human cognition is structured around conceptual metaphors like “time is money” or “life is a journey” that we lean on when thinking abstractly. Indeed, Mark Turner, the co-author of Clear and Simple as the Truth, has worked with George Lakoff, a cognitive linguist credited with pioneering research into the metaphoric structure of thought. The potency of conceptual metaphors lies in their making concrete an otherwise obscure point, the kind that we have to “grasp at” or “get a handle on” in order to write about them coherently. If a writer treats her prose as an account of something she’s observed, it’s often clearer and, therefore, more compelling.
Observation presupposes that the writer has already seen the object of analysis; writing is the act of relaying that observation to readers. All of this, for Thomas and Turner, assumes that the writer believes that her observations are valid and that truth can be encapsulated in language. If the writer is unsure of her observations, she’ll hedge and waffle. If she believes that language is unreliable and truth nonexistent, then her writing might not make any sense at all—the main critique leveled at postmodernists.

Once you’ve decided on your stance towards presenting truth, you should also consider the occasion for which you’re writing. For university students, academic prose is a faux research article submitted to professor who feigns ignorance about the subject being treated. Because this is bound to sap your motivation, a bit of imagination is order. The setting of assignment help isn’t a professor, hunched over while speedily grading, but a sprawling lecture hall. Usually, the scholar assumes that her audience would arrive at similar conclusions as she has if they had conducted the same inquiry. Since they haven’t, it’s her job to present her ideas as disinterested truth. By no means does this mean that the scholar would ignore gaps in the research or ambiguities; rather, she presents what she’s found as though it were a real object sitting in plain sight. Following Oscar Wilde, even if we're steadfast in our belief that truth exists, it's "rarely pure, and never simple."

Determining your stylistic stance and the occasion of writing make the practical business of writing much easier. A key to writing a first draft of any research paper is to start with a zero draft. A zero draft is everything that happens between coming up with an idea and a first draft. Few writers, if any, compose polished prose without first ordering their thoughts. If you take notes from a book, those are part of the zero draft; if you map out your ideas on a napkin, that’s part of the zero draft. Idle conversations, colorful doodles, meandering screeds: so long as they’re about your idea, they’re part of the zero draft, too. A common and arguably indispensable ingredient in a zero draft is the outline. Outlines, though, are only useful once you’ve figured what you want to say. For want of an idea, an outline is a lifeless body, one that requires an idea, wrought through a zero draft, to come alive. Focus on refining your idea first, then the outline.

Once you’ve written a first draft, you’re going to be staring at a hot mess. The better your zero draft is, the better your first draft is bound to be. Still, a first draft is by no means a polished product. What makes academic writing shine is revision and proofreading, usually of the sort given by a careful reader. The author herself can certainly review her writing, since she’s likely to be more invested in it than anyone else. But writers are earthbound beings, frail and with thoughts peppered with blindspots and prejudices that freight first drafts. Because you don’t know what you don’t know, you need other people to read your writing, offer incisive feedback, and specify ways you can improve your paper. For this, fellow students are just as important as professors, since they’re likely to have greater knowledge of the subject matter than the average person. Revision and proofreading is where the dirty work of writing happens, which is why it’s better to have a terribly written first draft than no draft at all.
Before submitting a final draft, do yourself a favor: read it aloud to yourself as though you were giving a speech. Anything that strikes you as awkward probably is, and any typos buried in the prose will show themselves.
I hope that these suggestions help!

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Re: Advantages Of Academic Writing Websites For Students

Сообщение sarah009 » 21 сен 2019, 13:18

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Re: Advantages Of Academic Writing Websites For Students

Сообщение tararubena » 12 окт 2019, 06:37

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Re: Advantages Of Academic Writing Websites For Students

Сообщение abduljabbar » 30 окт 2019, 12:24

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Re: Advantages Of Academic Writing Websites For Students

Сообщение ak3209910 » 30 окт 2019, 13:10

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Re: Advantages Of Academic Writing Websites For Students

Сообщение davidfre » 31 окт 2019, 12:23

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Re: Advantages Of Academic Writing Websites For Students

Сообщение johnsmith123 » 05 ноя 2019, 13:18

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Re: Advantages Of Academic Writing Websites For Students

Сообщение tiffremont » 05 дек 2019, 14:58

Writing the college admission essays format may be interesting because there are a space for creativity there. Essential, there is no way to separate essays from academics since the two are inextricably linked. Essays can be said to have two critical parts, which are content and structure. Content is the matter a writer includes in an essay while an essay’s structure is the layout or format in which the content is placed.

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