The Buffalo Bills are set to clash with the

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The Buffalo Bills are set to clash with the

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Houston Texans this afternoon to kick off the 2019 NFL Playoffs. This is the first meeting of the two franchises in the playoffs Thomas Sweeney Jersey Draft , as Houston came into the league in 2002. It’s Houston’s sixth playoff berth overall, and fourth in the last five years. For Buffalo, this marks their second playoff appearance since the Texans’ franchise inception, both of which have come in the last three years.Josh Allen makes his first career playoff start, while Houston quarterback Deshaun Watson makes his second. Last year, Houston lost in the Wild Card round to the Indianapolis Colts Thomas Sweeney NFL Jersey , 21-7. Watson sat out last week’s regular season finale, a 35-14 loss to the Tennessee Titans, while Allen only played two series in Buffalo’s regular season-ending loss to the New York Jets.Buffalo’s top two receivers, John Brown and Cole Beasley, sat last week for rest purposes, and both are ready to return today against a Texans pass defense that ranked No. 29 in the NFL in yards allowed this year. Houston Thomas Sweeney NFL Draft , meanwhile, is without No. 2 wideout Will Fuller, who is still recovering from a groin injury. That’s a huge blow to Houston’s passing attack, as Watson performs significantly better with Fuller in the lineup than he does without him. Your first-half thread is here, ladies and gentlemen. Here’s to a successful start to the 2019 playoffs. Go Bills! A quick look at Cole Beasley, one of the newest Buffalo Bills"WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections NewsNotesOpinionAnalysisDiscussionPodcastNFL DraftSalary CapAll-22: Buffalo Bills free-agent addition Thomas Sweeney Buffalo Bills Jersey , wide receiver Cole BeasleyNew,41commentsA quick look at Cole Beasley, one of the newest Buffalo BillsEDTShareTweetShareShareAll-22: Buffalo Bills free-agent addition, wide receiver Cole BeasleyThe Buffalo Bills continued to revamp their offense on the second day of the legal tampering period, adding shifty slot receiver Cole Beasley. The transition to smaller, faster receivers is in full swing in Orchard Park. It might be unpleasant to look at thanks to unsightly blue stars Infant Devin Singletary Jersey , but we’ll peek at the tape to see what Beasley brings with him. Play 1Let’s start off with blocking for Cole Beasley. Overall, Beasley takes no issue with blocking and will mix it up with defenders whenever necessary. Beasley is diminutive by NFL standards and sometimes match-ups simply don’t favor the receiver. Here he commits to pushing toward the sideline and gives Dak Prescott some space. Beasley is careful to shove off the shoulder to avoid a block in the back penalty as well. Before he even gets to the block, take a look at him selling the route and that change of direction. Play 2Beasley can do this all game if needed. A bit of subtle footwork at the beginning of the play and a quick change of direction leave him open for a chunk of yards. Better ball placement would have allowed good yards after catch. This is where physics favor Beasley. At about 180 lbs and 5’8” tall, he can make cuts of which few defenders are capable. Play 3An incredible bend directly behind the defense creates separation across the field early in this play. As it develops, Beasley spots a soft zone and makes another near-collision cut to get open deeper. When it comes to weaving through traffic, Beasley excels. Play 4Cole Beasley slips out and his initial route creates plenty of space despite crossing the face of several opponents. His shoulder orientation at the point of catch is highlighted to demonstrate how far he twists his body to turn upfield. Once he’s moving he uses his small frame and a hidden extra gear at the last second to cut between two foes in what’s nearly a Looney Tunes-esque collision. Play 5The initial cut to his right creates good separation and a well-timed toss is probably a touchdown. The stop and pivot in the opposite direction is a next-level cut. It creates enough space where Beasley feels like he’s just hanging out waiting for the ball. SummaryCole Beasley provides a dependable presence on the field with good wide-receiver skills pretty much all around. His small frame combines with athleticism to allow some fairly preposterous change-of-direction skills. Creative play callers can scheme up some fun stuff for the slot receiver to take advantage of Beasley’s favorable physics.

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