That’s about the only spot the Jaguars won durin

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That’s about the only spot the Jaguars won durin

Сообщение zhangzk » 22 окт 2019, 10:32

The Jacksonville Jaguars lost four games in a row prior to their bye week Jawaan Taylor Jersey 2019 , which saw them free fall in SB Nation’s power rankings, as one would expect. Well, I’m happy to report their slide in the power rankings has stopped for at least one week!They won the bye! The Jaguars come in at No. 23, which is exactly where they were headed into the bye week.g the bye week. Both the Houston Texans and Tennessee Titans won, which means the Jaguars and Indianapolis Colts are in a battle for last place this weekend. Combine that with the fact that the Jaguars Sunday Night Football game with the Pittsburgh Steelers got flexed OUT of the prime time spot. The Jaguars are so bad right now, they dumped the Steelers off prime time!And finally to be serious Black Justin Blackmon Jerseys , in some tragic news, we learned that former Jaguars offensive lineman Vincent Manuwai passed away at just 38 years old in his apartment in Hawaii. It was shocking and saddening news to me. Manuwai was one of my favorite players when he was mauling open running lanes for Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew. He was one of the first players I ever did a one-to-one interview with and he couldn’t have been more patient and nice about it. He was truly a gentle giant and he will be missed.Jaguars vs. Titans final score: 6 Jacksonville players who stood out in 9-6 loss The Jacksonville Jaguars just lost one of the ugliest games I’ve seen in recent memory, falling 9-6 to the Tennessee Titans at home. The defense was stifling — bending but not breaking and allowing just three field goals (and four attempts) in the entire game.Who stood out in the Week 3 matchup? In honor of the six points we scored, here are six players who did good (or bad) enough to make the list.1. Calais CampbellThe Jaguars got three sacks against Titans quarterbacks Blaine Gabbert and Marcus Mariota and Calais Campbell was responsible for two of them. The first one set the tone early in the first quarter that Campbell was going to play angry, bypassing the center completely and driving Gabbert into the dirt. The second came near the goal line in the third quarter as the Titans got one of their best chances to score a touchdown. Campbell just bulls his way through on third down, forcing the Titans to kick another field goal.2. Blake BortlesWe’ll start with the good and go next to the bad — Blake Bortles had a bad day. After dismantling the New England Patriots last week Justin Blackmon Jerseys 2019 , Bortles looked hesitant to throw the ball, with his longest completion of the day being a pass that traveled just 10 yards in the air.The game plan — by all accounts including Bortles himself, the offensive coordinator, the film, and more — was very similar to last week against the Patriots. And that’s true. Much of Bortles’ yardage in games is yards after the catch, which is a fine game plan Black Taven Bryan Jerseys , especially considering our roster, our quarterback’s strengths and weaknesses, and our lack of a true No. 1 receiver.But Bortles looked like he didn’t want to take any shots downfield even when the play called for it and receivers were in position.3. Logan CookeThis was a game that was going to be won in large part due to field position and the seventh round rookie did his part, with just one touchback in six punts. He finished with a 45.5 yard average on punts and had two downed inside the 20-yard line.4. Corey GrantIt’s apparent that Grant is a good player when you scheme him in the right situations, but he is not a true bell cow back. That’s not an indictment of him as a player — Grant is a great addition to this team and a player who is hard to stop if used correctly. But the Jaguars are gambling with their running back position and it worked in Week 2 and didn’t work in Week 3.5. Telvin SmithHis first quarter sack showed speed off the edge, awareness to get in the air to stop Gabbert’s attempt Taven Bryan Jerseys 2019 , and strength to get him down with just an arm tackle.He (again) led the team in tackles and he was everywhere on a banner day for the defense.6. Tashaun GipsonAfter shutting down Rob Gronkowski, the Jaguars secondary shut down the Titans quarterbacks for just 13 completions and 108 yards and Gipson was a big part of that, taking away a lot of the intermediate throws and only allowing a 5.1-yard average per attempt.7. Wiggle Man[TWEET NOT FOUND]I’m not going to overreact, but the Jaguars losing is 100 percent because Wiggle didn’t go to church before the game and tweet about it.

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Re: That’s about the only spot the Jaguars won durin

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Re: That’s about the only spot the Jaguars won durin

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It was shocking and saddening news to me. Manuwai was one of my breaking news favorite players when he was mauling open running lanes for Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew.

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